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G-W Wolf

Reward of Bravery. . .

Our G-W logo or 'Charge' of a Wolves head resting upon a blade can be traced back over 1000 years from an act of bravery that saved a King and was greatly rewarded. 

(The account is taken from the founding company member's Memorials of Skene, the Family Papers with Other Illustrative Documents, edited by William Forbes Skene, D.C.L., L.L.D., Her Majesty's Historiographer For Scotland, Aberdeen, 1887.) 

1014 AD. . . 

"King Malcolm II Kenmore of Scotland, traveled on his road south when he was fiercely pursued by a devouring Woulfe (Wolf) in the Wood of Culbleun. A young celt of the Isles, perceiving the fierceness of the Woulfe with his open maw coming upon the King, wrapt his plaid (clothing) about his arme, and thrust it between the Woulfe's jaws interposing himself to the furie of the wyld beast rather than have his King in hazard. 

The Celt drew his Skene (dagger) with his other hand and dispatched the Woulfe before the King. The reward offered by the King for the Celts courage is said to have been as much land as was encompassed by a hawk’s flight."

We now proudly offer the Wolf to be worn by all the World's courageous. For your scars, your history... you're GAME-WORN.

*GAME-WORN Clothing do not endorse any cruelty or mistreatment of animals. 

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